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Darcy is actively performing at breweries, wineries, and festivals. Playing similar styles to artists like Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks, and Johnny Cash, Darcy will bring you a large variety of country music and a great performance.


      Darcy Dawn is a 28 year old (born January 17, 1994) American singer- songwriter born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is the youngest of seven children and began playing music when she was 12 years old. Starting off with percussive instruments and progressing to the guitar at age 13. By the time Darcy turned 14 she was performing locally at coffee shops and open mics in her hometown of Fredericksburg, getting comfortable performing and receiving the feed back that urged her to keep moving forward with music.   

      Summer of 2010, at the age of 16, she enrolled in an online home schooling program giving her more time to work toward building a career in music. Starting with busking in Old Town Fredericksburg, while working part time at an antique jewelry store, Darcy was able to move out of her parents and pursue music just after her 17th birthday.


By 2015 she was featured in the Washington Post for her dedication to street performing through the holidays and eventually decided on making her way up to Arlington, Virginia to expand her opportunities. Working with several booking agencies and traveling full time with her band from cities between the wide stretch of Lake Lanier, Georgia to Bangor, Maine. Playing with a large variety of musicians, Darcy decided to prepare writing original music.

       In 2018, after being introduced to her producer Jim Ebert, Darcy released her first single 'Beer & Boys'. Followed with releasing her current single 'Comes In Threes'  in January of 2019. In 2020 Darcy released her single 'Hillbilly Hotspot' in honor of her new project in land development on thirty acres located in central Virginia . She is currently working full time in land development while playing music locally every weekend.

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Darcy Dawn